“I’m Back”….

Well its been a while since I posted.  Life has been busy with the new job and Little League kicking into high gear.  My son is playing in his first regular season of “kid pitch” and its been exciting.  Last week he took the mound for the first time ever and put down the first hitter on three straight strikes.

So today I was busy doing the fun things that Lobbyist do “Inside the Beltway”, as we DC-ers like to call the city.  While pitching some piece of legislation my good friend Lerchie sends me a text… Manny failed a drug test!  I immediately hung up the phone and went apoplectic in my office.

How dumb can he be?!  I’ll give him and the Devil Agent (Scott Boras) the benefit of the doubt and believe him that it was a prescribed drug.  Sure, fine, I bet it was!  Well, if it was, why the hell did you put it in your mouth without first checking that the substance wasn’t banned?  And I’m sorry, why are one of the Dodgers players ingesting any medication without Stan Conte and Dr. Landis confirming they are ok to take?

This whole thing really stinks.  Either Manny is cheating and thinks we are all idiots, he is an idiot for taking a prescribed drug thats banned or Conte and Landis gave him a banned substance.  All choices on the table show that one of the “professionals” in this situation isn’t doing a very good job.

At least the Dodgers will save some money off that $25 million contract.  Maybe it will allow us to grab a front line pithcer in July.

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